20 Nov 2018 12:37:06
Hi Ed. What's your view on the current decline? I expect it to return by next month when something happens around December 14th?

{Ed033's Note - i have no doubt that the crypto market will go back up to some degree with BTC/USD going up to around 6000 (this year). But after that i don't know whether it will go up or down from there.

1.) 22 Nov 2018
22 Nov 2018 13:35:21
Hi Ed, I was meant to reference BAKKT, which I believe is now put back until January. What are your thoughts (if any) on it as I've been told it could have a very positive influence on crypto currency.

{Ed033's Note - What should have a positive influence on crypto currency is all the advertising and marketing from crypto related companies making the general public aware of blockchain and crypto in 2019.

Bakkt should definitely have a very positive influence on crypto currency if it helps the large commercial institutions get involved in crypto.

However, if you're talking prices, then in 2018 there was loads of positive news about crypto and the prices in general kept going down most of the year (so far).

But what might make sense is if the powers want people to adopt crypto, then the best time to advertise and market cryptos to them is when the prices are rising. And prices typically rise after they've come down. This would mean that the powers would want crypto prices to rise in 2019.